Benjamin Keddy
Pardon Our Appearance: Detail, 2016
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council: Process Space Residency

March 1st - June 30th, 2016
Building 110, Governor's Island, NYC

The artwork invites the audience to explore interactive video that is displayed as a rear-projection on the glass surface of a storefront door. The piece responds to movement when a viewer walks in front of it. Suggesting a commercial space that is undergoing renovations, the mixed media work provides the audience with a video image of the ubiquitous tan carpenter's paper and blue painters tape that is regularly used for privacy during the transformation of such spaces. Holes in the motionless video layer of carpenter's paper provides the audience with glimpses of a 3D digital space that lies beyond the paper. As individual members of the audience move in front of the door, what can be seen through these holes changes and is dependent on the viewers location relative to the door, providing a surreal sense of perspective.
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