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Time is the most important kinetic element to my work. I want the audience to feel the physicality in this movement and accept my invitation to consider notions of interpersonal connectedness, self-reflection, and privacy as imagined compartments that we can be surrounded by or excluded from. As I consider the slippage of time across the present moment, my visual work often accents the ephemerality of video imagery.

Taking part in a discourse on spatial relationships, my artwork often includes video, audio, and sculptural installation. As I observe our social relations shifting against the contours of an evolving digital landscape, I seek to create environments that obscure the barrier between virtual and actual with the hope of challenging interpretations of space and form.

At times, I use my work to evoke the weight of physical confinement by boxing the audience into a relationship with image and mass. If this experience blurs interpretation across the individual human senses, I have at least partially succeeded.