Benjamin Keddy
Cross Talk: Image 1Cross Talk: Image 2Cross Talk: In Progress (with Martin)
Cross Talk, 2013
Approximate Dimensions: 17' x 26'

Stainless, Steel, Aluminum, silicone, rubber, hearing aid, ultrasonic speaker, various electronics

Sound envelopes the human experience and provides us with the means to better interpret space, form and language in our everyday lives. With tools that both record and direct aural information, technology offers a bridge between the source of sound in an environment and how this sound is heard. As the dictation apparatus hears for us and translates audio to written form, the assistive hearing device partakes in the listening experience by reproducing the essence of reality to those with hearing deficiencies. Considering that the ear has evolved to convey specific acoustical information to our brains, how does the technical mediation of sound influence way we receive and interpret it?

This installation was produced as the beginning of a larger body of work related to hearing and interpretation and was presented during a residency at the Institut für Alles Mögliche / Zentrale, Schererstrasse 11, Berlin-Wedding. October 6 - November 3, 2013