Artwork > Selves (Sitting with Myself)

Venue: Gallery 400, Chicago / April 2013

Installation Dimension: 286" x 155"

Projected video, projectors, pedestals.

The work considers the role of the portrait as a reference point in time through which we can contemplate the present. As history adds inevitable weight to our characters, we evolve from the untainted optimism of youth and are shaped by our perceptions of achievement and failure. As a gesture of self-study and reflection, the artist stares at a computer screen that features a self-portrait from his youth. The artist's face is recorded by the front-facing webcam as he moves and shifts in an effort to align his present image to a portrait from his past. A second webcam records this process from behind, capturing an additional perspective of the artist as he participates in the exercise.

The two videos are then projected onto opposing walls of the gallery space from video projectors mounted on pedestals in the center of the room.

Selves: Front Facing (Sitting with Myself, 2012)
Selves: Front Facing (Sitting with Myself, 2012)