Artwork > Wild Things

Approximate Dimensions: 28' x 19'

Plastic (film, tubing, filament), Overhead Projector, Speakers, Amplifier, Various Electronics.

Public figures have long used entertainment to both connect with their intended audiences and broaden this base appeal to include others. Political leaders and actors alike, rely on their charisma to assert their influence within the larger social discourse.

Wild things explores verbal communication and how public figures in the entertainment industry and in politics relate through contrasting a visualization of the audio frequencies produced by speech of distinct individuals. The piece consists of two simultaneous readings of Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are"?by both Barack Obama and Christopher Walken. Two strands of thin flexible plastic filament respond to the audio emitted by each of the readings. Tiny red and green cylinders shift back and fourth with the vibrations and respond to audio frequency variations, moving across the projection of an illuminated transparency that displays a split image of these two figures.

The work utilizes sound as a means to visualize the contrast in these orations, inviting the audience to consider how public figures use their speaking abilities to deliver performances that tap into the frequencies of public reception and consciousness.